African Heritage Studies Association

Celebrating AHSA’s Golden Anniversary-Towards an African Renaissance: Africa and Diaspora Collaborations


The African Heritage Studies Association (AHSA) was founded in 1969 as association of scholars of African descent, dedicated to the exploration, preservation, and academic presentation of the heritage of African people on the ancestral soil of African and in the diaspora. For more than four decades it has been the major challenger of the Eurocentric view of Africa and African Studies and a leader of the struggle to ignite an African Renaissance. 


 Supporting exploration, education, and preservation.



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We are building an African Renaissance.



Dedicated to change.


The African Heritage Studies Association (AHSA), proudly heralded an African-centered, African controlled professional organization committed to researching, analyzing and promoting the heritage and legacy of African people across the diaspora.

The best and brightest African-centered scholars and activists have participated in annual AHSA conferences and have informed and inspired a generation of scholars who now take for granted African-centered scholarship and the place of Africa's heritage and legacy in world history.