Dedicated to AHSA's Legacy 


Our Leadership

Over the past four decades, AHSA has played a major role in promoting the heritage of African peoples through scholarly research, influencing US policy towards Africa, educational and cultural activities around the globe. The best and brightest African scholar/activists from have participated in AHSA annual conferences and are committed to renewing AHSA's quest goal of igniting an African Renaissance.  


AHSA Commissions

Archival Commission: Shiela Flemming-Hunter, Commissioner.

Members:  Ann Swanson and William Dorsey

Education Commission: TBA

AHSA History Commission: Leonard Jefferies, Commissioner.

Members: Shelby Lewis and James Turner

Policy and Activism Commission: Mack Jones, Commissioner.

Members: William Boone and Gloria Braxton

Annual Conference Commission: Mae King, Commissioner.

Members: Shelby Lewis and William Boone, Chair, Local Arrangement Committee.



President: Ife Williams

Vice President: Afia Zakia

Secretary General: Gayle K. Watts

Treasurer: William Dorsey

Emeriti: Past Presidents


Past Presidents

1969-1972, John Henrik Clarke

1972-1976, James Turner

1976-1980, Ronald Walters

1980-1982, Leonard Jeffries

1982-1984, James Turner

1985-1989, W. Ofuatey-Kodjoe

1985-1989, Charlotte McIntyre

1992-1996, William “Nick” Nelson, Jr.

1996-1999, LaVerNe Gyant

1999-2002, Leslie Alexander

2002-2006, Abdul Nanji

2006-2019, Lisa Aubrey


The Interim AHSA Board consists of responders to the call for an AHSA Planning Meeting and immediate past members of the AHSA Board.